The Global Network on Mental Health and Child Marriage would like to present the Spotlight Series.
We hope this series of interviews will bring more attention to the amazing work, challenges and contributions which exist in the field of mental health and child marriage.

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"Mental health doesn’t happen in a vacuum and highlighting the importance of looking at the wider impacts of child marriage is key."

Chantalle Okondo, MSPH, is a researcher with over seven years experience in gender, women's rights, public health, maternal and child health. She is passionate about elevating young women's voices, their creativity, resourcefulness and resilience.



"I have seen fear dripping down in a person when asked to speak. [Survivors] need an environment which encourages them to speak their opinions without feeling inferior.”

Loveness is the Founder and Director of Passionate Circles Trust. Advocate for the women and girls rights. Game Changer - changing of laws and alignment of laws that discriminate against girls and women. Champion in Ending Child Marriage. 
Voice for the Inferior.