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The Global Network MHCM understands that child marriage is a global issue and not bound to countries, regions, cultures, or religions. Therefore neither is our work.  There is little evidence globally of the impact of child marriage on mental health, especially from low- and middle-income countries. Our network partners work across Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas with the aim of addressing the overlooked areas of policy, research and advocacy within this field.

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A significant increase in research and resources are needed to successfully address the region's mental health issues. The region has 1·4 mental health workers per 100 000 people, compared with a global average of 9·0 per 100 000 and dedicate on average less than 1% of their health budgets to mental health, compared with 6–12% in Europe and North America.

Child marriage is a serious problem throughout Africa. Fifteen of the top 20 countries of child marriage rates are in the continent and 40% of women in sub-Saharan Africa married as children.

The main causes of child marriage across Africa include acute poverty, the continuation of tradition, the belief that marriage ensures a girls safety, and gender inequalities.

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